Semi Annual Meetings

The Ableton Tri-Cities User Group will meet semi annually at the William King Museum in Abingdon, Virginia begining in April, then in September and December.


V-Card Contact

Click the above icon for a V-Card from the lead organizer Jonathan


Ableton Live

The User Group will discuss Live 9 and higher with Live 7 and 8 legacy packs.


Max For Live

The User Group will discuss Max 5 and higher as well as Max for Live and Pure Data.

Goals of the Ableton Tri-Cities User Group

The aim of the User Group is to help Live users network and share information and experience in an informal environment with each other. The meetings are to allow all participants to suggest discussion themes related to Ableton Live, Max for Live as well as to provide a forum for presenting their own work.

Mensa Linkedin Member, Midi Association Expert, Artist and UVa Alumni

- Jonathan Moore Organizer Ableton